corroded (m: fd / l: rw)
morning cold - synaptic dew / another strife through the different / another mask I wear / beating heart - pumping life / another walk among the others / another mask I wear / another smile to dodge / a world of thorns to lodge / a place I don't belong / wrong ! // I CLENCH MY FIST IN ANGER / I CLENCH MY TEETH IN PAIN / COME SELL MY SOUL FORSAKEN / DRIVE IN THE NAILS / FLIMSY THOUGHTS I'M FORMING / BEHIND MY BURNING EYES / FLAMING WORDS I'M SEARCHING / FOR A LIFE CORRODED // with a fevered mind / i dare not speak of failing / the marks that have been set for me / i want to wipe away / tell me why i can't decide / to quit and change direction / the road that has been paved for me / leads me astray / trembling hands - breeding shame / another sip of the poison / another aimless hope / restless eves - livid stare / still I'm strifing onwards / still I pretend