drowning in the firelight (m: fd / l: sr)
gold is in my mind / honey-streams of ice-cold sweetness silver in my eyes / star-lit welkin staring out of me iron in my soul / rusty dagger planting endless pain wood inside my heart / dying slowly like a rotten tree // another day , another night / another path without light / another dream , another hope / another downwinding slope // WHEN THE FLAMES BEGIN TO RISE / I RAISE MY HEAD TO CRIMSON SKIES / IN THE HEAT BETWEEN DAY AND NIGHT / SEE ME DROWNING IN THE FIRELIGHT / IN THE FIRELIGHT, IN THE FIRELIGHT / IN THE FIRELIGHT // wine is in my mind / purple streams of luke-warm sweetness water in my eyes / endless ocean pouring out of me acid in my soul / coiling serpent planting seeds of doom poison in my heart / slowly eating everything away // like a journey away from here // slowly losing reality // my thoughts are lost in a colourful world // while my body fades away // heat is in my mind / boiling streams of fiery sweetness lava in my eyes / hot eruptions spitting out of me ashes in my soul / gray-dark veils blurring the truth cold smoke inside my heart / unfelt, yet so devastating // my mind turns into gold / my eyes froze into silver / my soul fell prey to rust / ... and my heart is only dust