i will be you (m: fd / l: sr)
just let me wear your skin for a day / let me taste the poison of your thoughts / let me breathe the air through your nostrils / let me see the world through your eyes // i'll be your blood, inside your heartbeat / i'll be your sweat, your fear, your lust / i'll drift deep through your body heat / to find your rotten core, your rust // I WILL BE YOU - FOR JUST ONE DAY / POSSESS YOU LIKE A DEMON / I WILL BE YOU - AND I WON'T FAIL / I'LL SEE THE FACE BEHIND THE VEIL // just let me reside inside your soul / let me dive into your deepest dreams / let me awake in your own tomorrow / let me drink your luck and sorrow // i'll open up the grave inside you / i'll caress what is buried there / i'll tear down all the secret doors / i'll break down all your walls