the mirrorgate (m: fd / l: sr)
dusty colours out of nightmare's realm / lurid shapes out of absurdity / surreal landscapes and disharmony / artifacts of pain and misery // this place - it calls to me / with closed eyes, i still can see / there's a door inside my mind / through which i leave myself behind // bleeding darkness into oceans black / drawing music into fiery sky / carving statues out of midnight wind / spawning larvae of insanity // ON THROUGH THE MIRRORGATE / PLUNGE INTO MY OTHER SELF / ON THROUGH THE MIRRORGATE / TO MY MALFORMED EGO-CLONE / BEYOND THE MIRRORGATE / WEIRD DREAMS BECOME REALITY / BEYOND THE MIRRORGATE / WHERE MY SECOND SOUL WAS BORN //along the path paved with hate / across the bridge of schizophrenia / beyond the abyss i will find / those secret corners of my mind // into these fantasies i flee from time to time / into my dark mirrorself, leaving everything behind // when the bestial black illusions fade / my thoughts draw back out through the gate / to find myself in life's prison cell / claustrophobia becomes my private hell